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Strategies Psychotherapy

Effectively helping you change your life!

Anxiety, Phobia
Depression, Hopelessness
Relationship Challenges
Stress, Burnout
Ageing, Declining, Dying

Relief, Calm, Peace
Energized, Hopeful
Connected, Related
Centered, Balanced
Sageing, Engaging, Enjoying

I think emotional healing doesn't come through simple goal setting, treatment planning, and accountability with a nice empathic listener or a dry analyst. True healing occurs when you and I are passionately committed to nurturing that spark of light within your heart; something to burn new pathways in the emotional brain. Even the tiniest spark can ignite the healing process, taking you to emotional places you've never been before. It can be challenging, but the transformative results are worth it. So, It isn't enough for me to be a kind, supportive guide on your journey. I have to be provocative, engageing. fun and maybe even pushy, creating experiences that trigger your curiosity and desire to grow more. The experiences have to go beyond the intellect to reach deeper, inviting you to believe you can relate to yourself and the world in a new way. My intention is to help you change your life!

Believe it - you can feel better.

Gregory Boyce M.A.

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We are what we think.
Everything we are arises from our thoughts.
With our thinking we create the world.
- Buddha

"I wish I could show you,
when you are lonely or in darkness,
the astonishing Light,
of your own Being"
- Hafiz


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