A Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships

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This book is about solving the problem of drama in relationships. Here's a short example of drama:

As I approached the checkout line at the supermarket, I could easily overhear the argument that was already in progress.

Her: I hate it when you give me one of your mini-lectures.
Him: I'm not lecturing you, just giving some advice. You started this conversation.
Her: But I did not ask for advice.
Him: If you didn't want advice why would you bring the subject up?
Her: Because I needed to talk about it, to tell you how I was feeling.
Him: What good does that do? Talking about feelings doesn't solve anything!
Her: How would you know, oh yea I forgot, you're Mr. Know-It-All.
Him: And you're Little Miss Over-Reactor.

That's just one example of a typical drama. Many self help books devote a lot of pages to talking about the problem; and not so many pages about solving the problem. This book reverses that.
  • How to identify when you're involved in a drama
  • How to get un-involved and out of a drama
  • How to refuse invitations to drama
  • How to stop yourself from starting a drama

"I started writing No More Drama as a manual for my clients, who encouraged me to release it to everyone. So I don't beat around the bush when it comes to laying out how most of us bring conflict, stress, and dysfunction into our relationships. But the larger focus of the book is what to do about interpersonal drama. I use real life examples to show what drama is and how it functions; followed by powerful strategies and methods to avoid drama, or exit from it. I invite you to use this book as a way to steer your life around these unpleasant situations." - Gregory Boyce -

There are numerous examples, and they're presented several times each, demonstrating the exit, prevention, avoidance methods and strategies.

Click on the links to read the examples and decide if you participate in drama.

The following movie clip is from Guilt Trip and demonstrates some aspects of drama: a Victim position, a Rescuer giving advice, and then a switch of positions concluding the dramatic transactions for the time being. Click here.

It's an easy, fun book to read; and it's helpful.
Mr. Boyce proves to be a 'drama' critic worthy of Stratford, taking dead aim with arrows of insight into TA's archetypal drama triangle with folksy humor, and perennial wisdom. I highly recommend this easy read for therapists, counsellors, clients and the general public alike. The author brings a fresh persuasive voice to dissecting dysfunctional interpersonal dramas we all observe in our own lives, and the lives of our clients. He effortlessly waltzes the reader through the emotional madness of everyday life, suggesting ways to live 'drama free'. Do add this potent volume to your reading list and library, and share it with friends, family, and clients. I hope a sequel will soon follow.
- Dr. Errol McKinstry, M.D., F.R.C.P.

Read the Foreward by Clark Reed M.A., TSTA click here.

Read the Preface by Vann Joines Ph.D., TSTA click here.

Some of the topics covered in the book are:
  • Setting and maintaining personal boundaries.
  • Asking for what you want from a calm and powerful stance.
  • Saying no with ease and confidence, and making the no stick.
  • Negotiating relationship agreements that work.
  • How to listen in a way that supercharges your effectiveness.
  • How to speak with authority.
  • How to structure a sensitive or contentious conversation.

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My testimonial is simple. I just couldn't put the book down even though I know all this stuff! Excellent reminder.
-Julia Murray
Certified Pilates Trainer, Guelph

I really love this book! If this was a mandatory communications course that everyone had to take as a kid that allowed us all grow up with this tool, we would live in a kinder and gentler world. I also learned some really interesting things about myself and how I view the world around me so I experienced many wow moments in the process. This is a great must read!
- Robin Stubbert
Professional Photographer

It is so great to have a book with easy to follow, concrete tools to apply in any relationship in life. The perspective I gained from reading this book has helped me to stay tuned to the actual relationships and enjoy them for what they are rather than seeing them through drama. With this in mind, I work through implementing what I have learned in this book.
- Jen Farkas B.A.

I Love this book!
- Dom Tonin
CEO - Organized Space Inc.

I found No More Drama to be an excellent step-by-step practice in becoming aware of my own contribution to relationship difficulties and communication obstacles. Gregory Boyce is a clear and simple writer, skilled in both therapeutic practice and the communication of necessary clarity. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to deepen self-awareness and sharpen communication abilities.
- Brenda Peddigrew Ph.D.
Spiritual Therapist and Group Facilitator

I wholeheartedly support this book. It is a necessary read for anyone wanting to wake up and be more present in their relationships. In fact it needs to be read and reread and then implemented. And your suggestions are so helpful to putting things into practice. Thanks Greg.
- Dr. Joan Weir N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

When I read Greg Boyce's "No More Drama" it was like a light bulb turning on in a dark room. I saw myself and those close to me differently. By adopting just a few of the skills and techniques Greg teaches I have stepped out of a lot of the "go nowhere drama" in my life and found deeper, more direct and satisfying relationships with my clients, partner, children, parents and friends. Pick up Greg's book and drop the drama in your life.
- Greg Long LL.B.
Provincial Mediator, Ontario Ministry of Labor

Mr. Gregory Boyce is truly a communication Guru. With "No More Drama" in your toolbox you can be a more effective communicator. Using his practical examples helped me to gain a better understanding of how to address specific situations in my personal and professional lives, to avoid and diffuse dramatic events. Thank you Gregory for helping me to relieve the stress of dramatic encounters, I now know how and when to react and respond, or not.
- Dr. Michael Fife, DVM, CVC