Preface by Vann Joines, Ph.D., TSTA
Clinical Director,
Southeast Institute For Group and Family Therapy.

Why do people create so much drama in their lives?

Some of the answers are: It is exciting. It gets us attention. It prevents boredom. It makes life interesting. It structures our time. It confirms certain beliefs we have about ourselves, others, and the world.

Freud pointed out that it is a way of attempting to undo something that has been upsetting in our life by replaying it over and over again in the hope of having it turn out differently the next time. The only problem is that it often creates pain, and is a way of sabotaging ourselves from experiencing the happiness we desire.

In this book, Greg Boyce offers us some interesting alternatives to a life of drama. He boldly entitles it No More Drama. He helps us see that pursuing drama is a decision. It is up to us. We can decide instead to live a life free of self-created drama.

Drawing on the work of Eric Berne, M.D., a psychiatrist who created a powerful and effective approach to therapy call ‘Transactional Analysis’ and Steve Karpman, M.D., another psychiatrist, who was one of Berne’s early students and who developed the concept of the ‘Drama Triangle’, Greg follows in Berne’s and Karpman’s tradition of a simple, direct, no-nonsense approach to therapy. He shows us how we can take charge of our lives and get out of the drama roles of persecutor, victim, and rescuer, and live authentic, self-directed lives.

Drama is actually a cheap substitute for what is really fulfilling for us as human beings. What we all desire in some part of ourselves is to experience true intimacy - to open ourselves up fully to another human being and to have them open themselves up fully to us as well – to understand and be understood. Because we are often afraid to allow ourselves to be that vulnerable, we settle for drama.

I invite you to follow Greg through the following pages of this intriguing book to learn about the kinds of drama that most of us engage in daily and how we can put a stop to it. By following the many helpful and practical suggestions he offers, we can begin to take charge of our lives and live an exciting and fulfilling life of true joy, drama-free!