Review by:
Judy Chan, RPC 2181
Registered Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Phone: 250-212-3321

(CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Boyce on a book well written!)

At first, I was curious as to how a "dramatic script" style could accomplish your purposes - now I see your unique approach is perfectly suited to the "stormy emotions" which often propel & shipwreck many relationships.

I was pleasantly surprised on how well your book delivered fully on it's contract to "de-tangle" relationship conflict & confusion through clear, practical applications of Transactional Analysis Theory & Applications of the Drama Triangle to build healthy relationships.

I found the content to be well organized, very readable, easily understood, & insightful, with many applicable TA "skills & tools" to practice effectively diffusing Drama in relationships.

I was delighted with the generous sprinkles of humor in the Drama Triangle Icons & the script's dialogue - "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..." - my husband was so amused at my sudden outbursts of laughter, he's determined to read it next :D

I particularly appreciate your intuitive ability to write a relationship book whch is applicable to both professional therapists and clients alike - a rare gift & talent!

In conlusion, I highly recommend this relationship book to professional therapists as a valuable resource and to clients as a trustworthy guide to building healthy, drama-free, intimate relationships.