Review by:
Elena Berman Ph.D.
Founder & Editorial Director at CleanseMasters
Energy Medicine Practitioner

Gregory Boyce intended No More Drama to be a manual for his clients. The book indeed reads as a good manual – a clear and practical guide outlining the shortest way to the goal. The goal being breaking free from painful and predictable, nearly automatic patterns of human interactions that most of us have experienced firsthand.

If you ever wondered how a seemingly innocent conversation with a family member, friend, or coworker could’ve left you in such a bad emotional place, or if you have been puzzled with negative reactions you are getting from others despite your good intentions, then No More Drama can provide some insights.

The book brings to the reader’s awareness underlying psychological currents that flow in parallel to our actual words and actions, stay unspoken and unnoticed by participants, but define practical and emotional outcomes of the situation. The author takes us through many sample real life dialogs, dissects them to show what is going on behind the words, introduces key concepts of Transactional Analysis along the way, and offers practical strategies that enable one to step out of drama.

Just before reading the book I found myself having an unpleasant emotional aftertaste following a phone conversation with a friend. This was already the second or third conversation with the same person that had the same effect on me. Reviewing the book helped me to understand what was going on and catch myself in a classic Rescuer role (again) – thank you Greg!

No More Drama is an enjoyable and educational read for anyone who is interested in the psychology of communication. I also can see the book becoming a useful tool for counselors and therapists – clients who read the book will be more prepared to change disempowering interpersonal dynamics and switch to productive and satisfying ways to relate to others.