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Strategies Psychotherapy


No More Drama 

This three hour workshop is based on Gregory's book of the same name.  Click here to open the pdf brochure. If you've experienced "burn-out", or if your organization suffers from it, odds are you're seeing "drama". Phone to inquire about in-house workshops.

Connecting To Your Sacred Journey 

Experiencing The Living Universe: For the fourth year in a row, in partnership with Barbara McKinstry N.D.  This is not really a workshop, but a series of ten evenings devoted to your soul and spirit. We're not running this workshop in 2017 :-( Click here to download the brochure (as a pdf file).
Or, Click here for more info.

Invoking the Sacred 

We are part of something much larger than our family, community or nation. We are part of something eternal and omnipresent Ė letís call it sacred. For many people, connecting to the sacred is deeply rewarding and meaningful. In this two hour evening, you'll learn and experience the essentials of creating personal ceremony. You'll enjoy a living prayer ceremony called a Despacho from the Peruvian Shamanic tradition. We've run this a couple of times as interest builds, so if it sounds interesting, let me know so I get a feel for how many people might attend. Thanks.

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